The OT: Blogging New Mexico Road Trips

Discussion in 'The OT' started by J Grine, Jul 23, 2017.

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    The OT: New Mexico True Blog
    Joshua J. Grine of

    Each week I run into people that have either moved to New Mexico or visiting for the ____ (insert a number) time. Also, I have a job that sends me all over this beautiful state and country. So why not highlight stops along the way.

    So today we start another blog called New Mexico True. Who is singing the New Mexico True song? Catchy for sure. Well a couple of years ago I used to mention concession stand food in weekly reviews (this could come back) and I remember getting called out for not trying an item at one tournament. Loved it.

    This past weekend I took the last of my summer trips before work really picks up. So to kick off the blog, we have no idea the direction it will take us this season, it will be on Navajo Lake near Bloomfield/Farmington, New Mexico.

    Drive: B+
    Remarks: I left Rio Rancho at 11am and headed North on Highway 550. Beautiful scenery, I've seen better in NM, however it's amazing. It made it better that it was raining out for some of the drive. The clouds mixed with blue-grey sky just made it a wonderful afternoon drive on Friday.

    Eye Test: A+
    Remarks: I love the landscape in New Mexico and the drive up to Navajo Dam, NM was one of my favorite. Driving through little towns, lake running alongside the road, and coming over the mountain to a big blue lake.

    Camp Site: B-
    Remarks: Had a nice little section but the trail (or lack of trails) to the lake was a little drag. However, the trees and set up were nice. Only downfall was the camp sites are piled on each other. Our extremely close neighbors stayed up 24 hours.

    Water: B+
    Remarks: Had a nice spot to jump into the water. Yes, it was cold - isn't all NM waters cold? However, it was clean and had a fun time.

    Fish Caught: 0
    Temperature: 80 with rain
    Parking: $10 (I tagged along with friends who paid camp site fee)



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